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KETTLEBELL SPORT WORLD LEAGUE is a World Wide Kettlebell Sport Competition Series established in 2017. 

IN 2019 YEAR

       3,000 athletes from 200 Kettlebell Clubs and 40 Countries have participated in 27 events within the Kettlebell Sport World League 2019.

      Kettlebell Sport World League is a reflection of the growth of Kettlebell Sport in the World wide athletic spectrum; the number of athletes and the number of Kettlebell Sport Clubs are growing constantly every year!

         We are here to show the World how many kettlebell lifters are in the World, how many Kettlebell Clubs exist, where they are, how to join them, and how to take part in the community and the invaluable experience of the competitions.

        For advanced athletes the information about Records and all of the competitions results for each exercise and division of Kettlebell Sport are meticulously recorded and tracked to push us all to exceed our limits.

          Kettlebell World league focuses on making our sport complete, easy to understand, follow, and evolve.

About Kettkebell World League

The main mission of the Kettlebell Sport World League is promoting kettlebell clubs and athletes and building a strong, friendly, and respectable relationships among them. We aim to help all clubs coordinate competition dates from crossing over, and any other issues to find all possible solutions for any misunderstandings.

We strive to follow our manifesto!

Denis Vasilev

Multiple World Champion

Kettlebell Sport World League Founder.

I've started my career in Kettlebell Sport in 1999 and I can't stop.

The more I learn about this sport the more my passion grows.

I'm successfully accomplished my PRO Athlete career by wining all possible competitions and set the World Record of my dreams - 101 reps with two 32kg kettlebells in 10 minutes with 83,7kg body weight.

I've been gaining experience as an athlete still and also have been growing as a Kettlebell Sport Coach since 2009. I Feel immense pride and fortune to be an International Kettlebell Sport ambassador since 2012.

Denis Vasilev
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